Windows 10 and Office 2016



I spent the last weekend setting up a new computer. I finally decided to ditch my 5-year old laptop and get a new machine. I ended up with an All-in-One computer, since I don’t need to really move around my laptop anymore because I do my mobile computing on my iPhone.

Along with my machine came Windows 10. I waited until now to give it a try. My rule of thumb is that, when it comes to Windows and Office versions, wait a year before I start using them. The rule came in handy as Windows 10 just received the “Anniversary” update and so I was able to update to that version without jeopardizing breaking any existing settings. So far, I really like it. I do think it’s better than Windows 8.1, but there is a lot new to learn. I hope to write about it more. One thing I no longer need is to find a replacement for the Start menu. That’s what I did when I upgraded to Windows 8.1, but as of now, I really like the new menu.

I also upgraded to Office 2016 (not 365). I took a quick look to see what’s new. Aside from a slightly-new interface, I don’t see anything significant. You may want to check out what’s new in 2016 before you think about purchasing the new version.

Let the fun begin!