Desktop Weather Program on Windows

I am a bit of a weather geek. I enjoy watching the weather forecasts and having the weather information at my fingertips. Windows 7 had the Weather Gadget which worked perfectly well until Microsoft realized there is a security bug and abandoned the concept altogether. Since moving to Windows 8.1, I longed for a similar replacement. I stumbled upon a program called sWeather which I think fits the bill! Things I like:

  • Works well on Windows 8.x. The developer web site says the program has not been tested on W8.x, but I found no issues.
  • It gives either a 5-day or 10-day forecast.
  • All kinds of information in a single window including highest/lowest temperatures, humidity, “Feels Like” temperature, sunrise and sunset time.
  • The tray icon displays the snapshot of current conditions.
  • Information comes from Yahoo! Weather.

If you like weather, I recommend you give sWeather a try!