Useful Articles of the Week

I found a few articles from this week that I feel are relevant and useful.

10 Step Security Guide to Keeping your Computer Virus Free from Groovy Post. #5, I use WinPatrol and Malwarebytes (paid but free is good enough) instead. Oh and in #7, pay attention to what your mother-in-law does.

Back to School Tips for Students Using Microsoft OneNote also from Groovy Post.

iOS 10

Top 10 Secret Features in iOS 10 and How to Fix iOS 10’s Biggest Annoyances from Lifehacker.

How to Make a Meme with SnagIt from Techsmith. Camtasia 9 is coming out next week!




How To Create Your Knockout Online Portfolio

According to a recent Forbes article, 56 percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s online portfolio than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7 percent of job seekers have created an online portfolio.

This workshop and presentation will show you 3 steps to creating a knockout online portfolio:

1) Make your LinkedIn Profile 100% complete
2) Add content to SlideShare
3) Start a blog

And more!

Best USB Headsets for Skype


I stumbled across a list of best USB headsets compiled by Skype. Having a good headset is obviously crucial to successful online sessions, so I recommend you take the time to look through the list. also has a list of inexpensive recommended headsets. See the links below!

What are the best USB headsets and webcams to use with Skype? |

On a Budget? 5 Gaming Headsets You Can Get for Under $25 |

2016 NADE: How To Promote Digital Fluency In The Classroom For Enriched Learning Experience

I presented at National Association of Developmental Education’s (NADE) 2016 conference held at Anaheim, CA, on promoting digital fluency in the developmental education classrooms.


What You Want to Know About Windows 8.1

I gave a talk on what’s good about the new Windows 8.1.

It includes information on new features in Windows 8.1, why you want to upgrade, and what to look for when purchasing a new Windows machine.