Mathematica 11 is out!



Wolfram Mathematica 11


Wolfram Research just released Mathematica 11. Check it out!

Wolfram|Alpha Add-ons for Google Drive


Wolfram|Alpha is a useful tool in teaching mathematics or doing research. It can do math computations as well as answer factual questions like, “what is the population of Chicago?” The company introduced two add-ons for Google Drive to harness the power of W|A within Google Docs and Google Sheets. Here at the links to get them installed:

Wolfram|Alpha for Docs

Wolram|Alpha for Sheets

Once installed, in a Doc or a Sheet, go to the menu bar › Add-ons › Wolfram|Alpha for Docs or Sheets › Open Wolfram|Alpha Sidebar.

WA GDrive

From here, you can use Wolfram|Alpha as you would do on the website. The neat thing is you can copy and paste the results from the sidebar into the document you are working on.

If you use both Google Drive and Wolfram|Alpha (and if you don’t, I recommend you do), these are two invaluable tools combined in one place.

Cool Things You Can Do in WolframAlpha


Wolfram Research informed me recently that Mathematica 11 is imminent. This reminded me that I have not talked about WolframAlpha. It is called the Computation Knowledge Engine, which means it is not Google. It is, however, a tool that digests data and produces all kinds of useful information. This tool is useful in many disciplines, not just mathematics. See below for some examples.

  1. Business. Search for unemployment data in Chicago and you get the following:

    You also get a chart explaining the rate over a period of time.

  2. History. Try “September 1945.” You get:



These are just two examples of what WolframAlpha is capable of. Check out the Examples section on the website to see what all it can do!