Technology + Instructor = Enriched Learning: Leveraging Multimedia Tools to Bridge the Knowledge Gap

I gave a talk on leveraging multimedia tools to bridge the knowledge gap at National Association of Developmental Education’s 2015 conference in Greenville, SC.


The biggest influence of student success, especially in developmental education, is still us, the instructors. Technology can enhance the best skills we possess and multiply the impact of a single instructor. This session will demonstrate how to leverage the technology to enrich student learning.

2014 ILSADE Conference: Google Drive + YouTube = 24/7 Learning


I will be presenting at the 2014 ILSADE Conference. The slides are here!

Be present when they need you. Many beginning students in the developmental track struggle to regularly attend residential classes or get online help from their instructors. This presentation will demonstrate how to add a human touch to your course room using Google Drive and YouTube to alleviate this challenge.