It’s 2017: Learn New Ways To Get Organized In Your Job Search

Start off the new year by getting your job search organized! This workshop will show you how to create a job application journal in Google Docs, keep track of your interview appointments in Google Calendar, spice up your online presence, and create a more modern resume in Microsoft Word.

Title Update!

I was promoted to Assistant Professor, so I thought it is time to update my blog name. This site is also accessible via this address: I also updated the theme to a more modern and fits my personality. Enjoy!

Hold Off Buying Your iPhone 6 Just Yet…


From BusinessWeek:

Getting started


One thing I see underutilized in education is the use of digital tools. I think there are two reasons: the faculty are not aware of available tools and they feel that going digital will take up too much of their time in their already busy schedules. They worry that they are not up to using unfamiliar methods, technology glitches will disrupt the flow of the class, and that students may not really understand how to use the technology. I believe technology cannot replace the existing methods, but it can complement them and enhance the students’ experience. Although there is a bit of a time commitment for the initial setup, I’ve found that once you have become familiar with the tools and make them part of the class preparation, they drastically cut down your time investment for future classes.  I naturally drift to using those tools and I wanted to share what I learned.