Change Your Yahoo! Password (and More)


You may have heard recently that Yahoo! was hacked. You can read about the news on the internet, but here is my summary of what you need to do if you have a Yahoo! account.

  1. Log on to your Yahoo! mail account. If your account was hacked, there will be a message from Yahoo! waiting for you.
  2. Create a new, unique password and change it for your Yahoo! account. Better yet, use Lastpass to maintain your passwords.
  3. Disable and delete the Security Questions. If you don’t know how, follow this link.
  4. If you are not using the account, you can close it. I recommend switching over to Gmail.
  5. Enable two-factor verification if you have not done so yet. Enable it for all accounts that support it.
  6. (Update 10-2-2016). If you use your mobile devices to check your email, you will need to re-generate “mobile passwords” by going through the steps listed here.

I doubt your account will be accessed for criminal activities, but it’s safe to keep an eye on any suspicious emails that arrive in your inbox.

Stay safe!

Get More Search Help in Google Drive


Google Drive got some useful improvements this week. It added spelling correction while typing in the search words and natural language processing (NLP).

NLP basically means you can search like you talk. You can say something like “open my project paper from last week” and Drive will search for the files that fit these criteria. Cool thing is that Drive will learn your queries, so search gets better over time.

It’s a big surprising that it took a while to get spelling check in the search. Drive will now autocorrect misspelled words and suggest corrections. You have seen this at work; Google search itself has this capability, and now you can use it within Drive.

I like Dropbox a lot, but Drive and, now with Windows 10, OneDrive are becoming my favorites.

Useful Articles of the Week

I found a few articles from this week that I feel are relevant and useful.

10 Step Security Guide to Keeping your Computer Virus Free from Groovy Post. #5, I use WinPatrol and Malwarebytes (paid but free is good enough) instead. Oh and in #7, pay attention to what your mother-in-law does.

Back to School Tips for Students Using Microsoft OneNote also from Groovy Post.

iOS 10

Top 10 Secret Features in iOS 10 and How to Fix iOS 10’s Biggest Annoyances from Lifehacker.

How to Make a Meme with SnagIt from Techsmith. Camtasia 9 is coming out next week!




Computer Buying Guide

Windows 10 is getting an update this summer and there is macOS Sierra coming in the fall. However, buying a new computer can make your head spin – the choices include desktops, laptops, tablets, convertibles, all-in-ones, oh my! How do you know what computer to get? This workshop will present a computer buying guide to help you choose the right one and buy it without breaking the bank.

Windows 10 and Office 2016



I spent the last weekend setting up a new computer. I finally decided to ditch my 5-year old laptop and get a new machine. I ended up with an All-in-One computer, since I don’t need to really move around my laptop anymore because I do my mobile computing on my iPhone.

Along with my machine came Windows 10. I waited until now to give it a try. My rule of thumb is that, when it comes to Windows and Office versions, wait a year before I start using them. The rule came in handy as Windows 10 just received the “Anniversary” update and so I was able to update to that version without jeopardizing breaking any existing settings. So far, I really like it. I do think it’s better than Windows 8.1, but there is a lot new to learn. I hope to write about it more. One thing I no longer need is to find a replacement for the Start menu. That’s what I did when I upgraded to Windows 8.1, but as of now, I really like the new menu.

I also upgraded to Office 2016 (not 365). I took a quick look to see what’s new. Aside from a slightly-new interface, I don’t see anything significant. You may want to check out what’s new in 2016 before you think about purchasing the new version.

Let the fun begin!