Excel: use FORMULATEXT() to add notes to formulas



If you use Excel in your teaching, it is sometimes useful to spell out the formulas used in a cell. I found a neat way to show how you can accomplish it. The trick is use the FORMULATEXT() function. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to cell E67.
  2. Go to the ribbon and click on FORMULAS. Then Function Library › Lookup & Reference. In the Reference field of the Function Dialog, point to cell B67 then click OK.
  3. In cell E67, the actual formula is displayed.

Bonus tip: Use the N function to add additional notes. You can do so by just adding +N plus the comment following the formula in the original cell (B67). So in B67, it looks like:

=T.DIST.RT(B65,B61)+N(“RT stands for ‘right tail”)

Then in E67, the actual formula and your comment are displayed. Use the N function to insert your comments at the end of the formulas.


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