Recent Software Updates

Two software applications I recommend recently got updated.

  1. Techsmith Snagit – in early June, Snagit was upgraded to version 13. The update brings a host of new features. This week, Techsmith released an update, version 13.0.1, which fixes some of the bugs found in version 13. If you have Techsmith Updater running (it should be by default), the Updater will notify you of the new release and work in the background to update your copy of Snagit to 13.0.1. You can check your version via the Help Menu.snagit 13
  2. Foxit Reader – Version 8.0 introduces the new ConnectedPDF feature. I believe it replaces the Foxit Cloud feature in the earlier versions. I use the Reader to mainly read PDFs and nothing more, so I recommend you disable the ConnectedPDF feature. Here is how to do it, via Techdows. I updated for bug fixes and to gain the new connection feature to Dropbox, which was previously not available.


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