Use MyPermissions to Control Which Apps Can Access Your Data


If you use Google Chrome, you probably use extensions. Have you thought about what these apps access while you are browsing the web? This is where MyPermissions comes into play.

Here is what it does. The extensions with Chrome or apps on your smartphone request tons of permissions. When you install many of these, you lose sight of which app is doing what. MyPermissions gives you a summary of each app’s permissions and lets you cut off the ones you don’t want to snoop.

I am careful with which apps/extensions to install, but I was surprised to see old apps that still had permissions granted.  A recent update now includes active scanning for apps and their updates so that then the updates change the permissions level, you will know right away.

The interface is simple and gives you a quick and easy view of the overall status. MyPermissions is another tool to manage your privacy on your terms. And it’s free. See below for links.

Google Play
Apple App Store
Chrome extension

2016 NADE: How To Promote Digital Fluency In The Classroom For Enriched Learning Experience

I presented at National Association of Developmental Education’s (NADE) 2016 conference held at Anaheim, CA, on promoting digital fluency in the developmental education classrooms.


Convert Texts into Columns in Google Sheets


The more I use Google Drive/Docs, the more I enjoy it. Google keeps adding features that make it more useful than the competition.

There is one thing I still don’t know how to do well in Excel. That is, converting texts into columns. I want the texts to be separately neatly into each cell, but I found that it doesn’t work all that well in Excel. Google just introduced a new feature in Google Sheets that does just that. It is a bit difficult to explain how but if you watch the graphics above, you will see what I mean. I think now if I need to perform this task, I will create a spreadsheet in Sheets and import it into Excel. Well done, Google!