New and Gmailify


Two exciting news items popped up this week. First one is the new The team at Microsoft has been running the preview of the new look for several months. Now the new version of is out of preview. Here’s what new:

  1. The new is built on the Office 365 infrastructure. One benefit is that it gains more security enhancements used by Office 365. It also adds nifty features like scanning your emails, for example, for flight confirmations and automatically add them to your calendar. As of now, Gmail does not do this.
  2. Add-in support. had this already, but with the new version more add-ins are supported. My favorite will be Wunderlist and Evernote.
  3. Better Skype integration. I now use Skype as my primary instant messenger for personal use. The current integration of Skype and was rather clunky. The new version is a smoother experience.

Coincidentally, Google released a new feature called Gmailify. Gmailify links your existing account(s) like and Yahoo! Mail to Gmail to take advantage of Gmail features without changing your email address. All you need to do is download the Gmail app, sign into your existing accounts, and enable Gmailify. More details at Gmail blog.

Happy emailing!

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