Making Email Safer


Gmail is my favorite mail client. It has unique features that make email easier to manage and adapts well to external applications so that you can combine all email tasks within Gmail.

This week, Gmail introduced two new security features that make email safer. Gmail has always used encryption to transmit incoming and outgoing emails (TLS, if you are curious). Now you can confirm whether the sender or the recipient of emails to or from your Gmail account has TLS enabled. You will see a broken lock icon in the message window, next to his or her name. If you click on the icon, you will see more details.

The second feature is authentification of the sender. You can use authentification to verify the identity or the source of the incoming message. This helps you avoid phishing scams. In Gmail, you will now see a question mark as the sender’s icon, or avatar, instead of a person icon or an actual avatar.

You can now be extra vigilant when you are about to open an email message or click on any links within it.

More details at Gmail blog.


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