Search Anonymously on Web with


You are probably aware that many service engines keep track of your search behaviors. Both Google and Bing do that.

I stumbled on which I learned has been online since 2005 with a focus on privacy. A unique feature about is that it uses a proxy so that the user is invisible to all web sites that he visits. It used to be that when the user left the search page, then other web sites can keep track of the search.

The downside is that since the query has to go through before the results are displayed, the pages load more slowly. I don’t notice any significant delays while I use

I like for 3 reasons:

  1. It still uses Google as the backend engine, so you are getting Google results, without being tracked.
  2. The page has a Chrome addon to make the search easier.
  3. The page lets you save your preferences without using cookies. This means the preferences are not saved on your computer. Instead, it offers a different method, where you save your preferences via a specific StartPage URL. You can share the URL with your other computers and see the same preferences. Pretty cool.

If you are worried about Google keeping track of your search behavior, I would say is a strong alternative.


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