Simplenote As To Do List


Now that I finally have a smartphone, I thought it was time for me to start using a to-do list app. I have never been able to organize any to-do lists effectively, but here was my chance to find one and stick with it. I looked at Wunderlist and Todoist as both have received great reviews.

The problem with me was that, although both are simple and powerful, I still had to learn their ways of things in order for me to use the app fully. I just didn’t have the inclination to learn something; all I wanted to do was be able to create the lists on the fly and have them available anywhere.

Then I heard about Simplenote. It’s available for the web, desktop and any mobile devices. All it is, a virtual notepad. It syncs with all devices and has a search feature. It’s free too! It is the kind of the to-do list manager I was looking for. I make a list, do the tasks, then delete the list. Simple as that.

It helps that the same people who developed WordPress are behind Simplenote.

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