Collect Text From Multiple Points in Microsoft Word with Spike


Microsoft Word is perhaps the most used office application. However, many people use about 10% of its features. It is probably not glamorous to talk about hacking Word, but it is a powerful editor. One shortcoming with Windows is that its built-in clipboard only retain the most recent copy/paste data. When editing a document though, there are many times you wish to collect a bunch of texts and paste all somewhere else. That’s where Spike comes in (only available on 2010 or earlier versions). Follow the steps below.

  1. Highlight the text you want to copy and press CTRL-F3. The information is in the Spike.
  2. Continue with CTRL-F3 until you gathered all your text.
  3. To paste the collected text into a new location or another document, press CTRL-SHIFT-F3. The Spike will now be empty.

The bad news is this features seems to be removed from Word 2013 but plenty of people still use Word 2010, so I hope this tip helps.

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