Google Drive Tips


I am a big fan of Dropbox. It is my primary cloud storage. Lately though, Google Drive is beginning to win me over. I thought I’d list the reasons why.

  1. GDrive has a bigger default storage limit. Dropbox gives you 2GB free; GDrive gives you 15GB.
  2. GDrive is much better for collaborating with fellow colleagues. You can share the document via the web, mobile devices, on the laptops. You just share the document and two or more people can edit it live. You can also chat real-time within GDrive to discuss the editing process.
  3. You can make the shared document public so that other people can view them. You can restrict the access rights so that the public can only view the document but not edit it.
  4. If you use Google Chrome, GDrive can act as an offline editor. You can also upload the documents via drag and drop.
  5. You can include GDrive in Gmail. When you are in Gmail, you can search the documents in GDrive.
  6. You can scan in the documents. Go to the gear icon, select Upload Settings, and check “Convert Text from Uploaded PDF and image files.” You will have a Google Doc with inserted images and editable text. Neat!
  7. Good news for students: You can access the Research Pane to do a search. Press Control-Alt-Shift to get it.

There are a few other reasons to learn GDrive, but these should prompt you to take a look.

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