Security Tips for Your iOS Devices


The upgrade to iOS 8 included many security enhancements. Although the rollout has been a bit rough, there is one added feature I really like. Before iOS 8, it was not possible for password management software like Lastpass or Dashlane to fill in login credentials in Safari. There was a workaround, but it was clunky. Starting with iOS 8, the password managers are able to more easily fill in login information on web sites.

The company behind one of the best password managers, Dashlane, released an infographic that thoughtfully summarizes the ways to secure your data on your iDevices. Take a look at the full version below.

Easily Turn Any Song into A Ringtone via iTunes for Your iPhone


I just bought an iPhone and started playing with it. One customization I wanted to make was the ringtones. You can buy them in Apps Store, but Lifehacker has an article on how to change any songs into a ringtone. Here is the link:

Easily Save YouTube Videos To Your Computer


Today’s tip is short because it is so easy! When I am browsing YouTube videos to use in my classes, sometimes I need the actual video file so that I can upload it to my LMS. I can create a link within the LMS, but I find it more reliable to have the video file instead of having to rely on the connection to the video. This is especially true in Adobe Connect. I download the video clips I need and upload them to my courses. That way, I don’t have to worry about the broken links or slow connection. Surprisingly, downloading YouTube videos is somewhat cumbersome. I found that does this job pretty well. Basically, you copy and paste the YouTube video link in and the site downloads it as a MP4 file. MP4 files are pretty universal so any media player can play them. I like it when a simple tool makes an annoyance go away.