Keeping Your Financial Data Private

Staying vigilant with your online privacy can be daunting. Here is an infographic on how to keep your financial data private. It is not the complete list, but it’s a good start. The key is start now, and continue working on it.

Community Career Center: Where is the Cloud?

You keep hearing about the “cloud,” but you are not sure what it is. You look around and there are so many options that you feel overwhelmed! In this presentation, I will answer the most commonly asked questions about the cloud such as: What exactly is the cloud (computing)? Is it really in the cloud? How does I affect me? How can I take advantage of it? What is Dropbox/Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive? Is it secure? And more!

Useful Chrome Extension For a Productive Day, Part III

copy as

If you ever copied and pasted something from a web page into your email message or Microsoft Word (or PowerPoint), you may have noticed that the text formatting (bold, color, font size) comes along and paste in a way you don’t want. Then you spend the next few minutes correcting all the formatting and feeling annoyed. You wish you could just copy and paste the text itself? The Copy as Plain Text¬†extension does just that.

This is a simple tool but you will be surprised how many you use it during the day. Not a flashy extension, but it is a tool that saves you a few seconds here and there and not lose your mojo while you are working on something. Give it a try!