Technology + Instructor = Enriched Learning: Leveraging Multimedia Tools to Bridge the Knowledge Gap

I gave a talk on leveraging multimedia tools to bridge the¬†knowledge gap at National Association of Developmental Education’s 2015 conference in Greenville, SC.


The biggest influence of student success, especially in developmental education, is still us, the instructors. Technology can enhance the best skills we possess and multiply the impact of a single instructor. This session will demonstrate how to leverage the technology to enrich student learning.

Hacking PowerPoint

I gave a talk on hacking PowerPoint to get more out of the software.

Your presentation is about your story. Whether it is about the status of a project, decision making or to convince someone to act, it is not about the slides that you are tasked to create. It is fair to say that the vast majority of these slides are created in PowerPoint. The problem is that most of are poorly put together. This presentation will show you the tips and tricks to master Microsoft PowerPoint so that you can power through your next presentation.

Topics include:

  • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks to Make Your Next Speaking Engagement More Persuasive
  • Making Slides Enticing to Keep Your Audience Awake
  • Slideshare, Prezi, Google Slides, Haiku Deck and When to Use Them

Apple iWork for iCloud Now Free for Everyone

icloud login

My primary computer is a Windows laptop. While I own an iPad, since I don’t have a Mac, I was not able to access Apple’s iWork for iCloud. Apple made a change and now anyone on non-Apple hardware can take advantage of iCloud offerings. I have been intrigued by Pages, Numbers, and particularly Keynote, so I am happy that this change was made.

The URL to access the beta version of the iCloud side is You log in with your Apple ID. Once you log in, you see the next screen:


You can check the setting to see how much free storage space you have.

I use Google Drive/Docs, so I am interested to see if I prefer Google or Apple. Stay tuned!

Useful Chrome Extension For a Productive Day, Part II

There are some pages I visit on a daily basis. Some relate to work (education articles), news, social networks, etc. It quickly becomes a chore to open the same pages every day. Daily Links relieves you from doing so manually. It lets you group a list of your favorite links to open automatically on certain days. The days could be every day, only particular days, or weekends. You can customize the order of open tabs (or randomly!).

Another handy feature is that Daily Links imports links from your Chrome bookmarks, so you don’t have to retype any of the URLs.

As you can see in the figure above, the Configuration page lets you define how to load all tabs (in a new window or the current one). You then rearrange the order by pressing the up or down green arrow. Easy!

Here is the link to download the extension: