Break Time

I will be offline until 1/9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Recent Google Drive and Dropbox Updates


I use both Google Drive and Dropbox. I do that to separate my personal files (in Dropbox) and work files (in Google Drive), so there is not mixing up the two. One reason I use Google Drive for work purposes is its easy of sharing files. It just go easier to share files in Google Drive.

Google Drive added the feature to show profile pictures of the collaborators. This helps to ensure the right person sees the files. If you share with more than two people, GDrive now suggests related people with whom you frequently share the files. Neat!

Dropbox moved up to version 3. Version 3 includes the rewrite of Windows and Linux user interface, file identifiers, and better support for Mac menu bar icons. The file identifiers are an interesting addition. They enable Dropbox to detect when the files have been moved or removed. The blog states that this feature will be developed in the future releases.

I am happy to see continuous improvements with both services!

Experimenting with a Web Host


I have been wanting to learn more about HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 3) for sometime. My motivation is that in the Learning Management System, it helps to know some HTML to, for example, post a well-designed post or embed a link to a video. When a post is simple text, the students tend not to read them. I am learning to blog on this site, I also have another domain,, which I plan to use to experiment with HTML. To learn HTML, I purchased an inexpensive hosting plan at The Tiny Plan is usually $35, but I snagged it for about $10 via the Black Friday deal. So far, everything is working out well. One thing I need to additionally learn is how the Domain Name System (DNS) works. I found this video:

For a review of web hosts, read it here:

Check it out!