Shopping Tips


Thanksgiving is upon us and it’s time to go shopping for many of us. I am not into Black Friday, but here are a few hints to help save money.

  1. Did you know has an Outlet store?
  2. It’s hard to find Amazon deals or coupons, but RetailMeNot has coupons and codes for select merchants on
  3. There is a plugin for Google Chrome (and Firefox) to search the best deals while you browse the shopping sites. It’s called ShopGenius. While you search for a particular product, ShopGenius lists the prices from other stores and you can do comparison shopping in real time.
  4. Another helpful plugin is The price bar will notify you when a cheaper price is available elsewhere. It is similar in function as ShopGenius, but between the two plugins, you should be able to find the lowest price on any product.

Happy shopping!

The Best Domain Registrar


One of the first things you need to do before you begin to establish your online presence is to obtain a domain name (, for example). There are many choices on the internet. Which one to choose?

I have had a few domains over the years, and I have tried a number of registrars:,, Network Solutions,, The one that stands out above all is It is the best registrar by far. My reasons:

  1. It is the cheapest. WIth the coupons at, I always get the lowest registration fee or the renewal fee. One domain is usually around $10/year.
  2. I get a free privacy guard service. This will mask your private information from being publicly available in the Whois registry.
  3. The feature offering is comprehensive. I never have to wish that has a feature that it doesn’t have. Every time I learn a new particular service on the Web, already has that feature, usually at no additional cost.
  4. It has the easiest email management console. I don’t host any of my email accounts, just forwarding, and makes this feature very easy to set up.
  5. The support is superb. It has live support and I usually get everything resolved within 5 minutes of contacting’s chat service.

All in all, I have been very happy with and I will continue to use the service. If you are looking into obtaining your own domain, you don’t have to go anywhere else!