Desktop Weather Program on Windows

I am a bit of a weather geek. I enjoy watching the weather forecasts and having the weather information at my fingertips. Windows 7 had the Weather Gadget which worked perfectly well until Microsoft realized there is a security bug and abandoned the concept altogether. Since moving to Windows 8.1, I longed for a similar replacement. I stumbled upon a program called sWeather which I think fits the bill! Things I like:

  • Works well on Windows 8.x. The developer web site says the program has not been tested on W8.x, but I found no issues.
  • It gives either a 5-day or 10-day forecast.
  • All kinds of information in a single window including highest/lowest temperatures, humidity, “Feels Like” temperature, sunrise and sunset time.
  • The tray icon displays the snapshot of current conditions.
  • Information comes from Yahoo! Weather.

If you like weather, I recommend you give sWeather a try!



Embed a YouTube Video into Your Next PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint 2010 or newer)

This tip is courtesy of the School of Technology’s Technology Tip of the Week!

1. Go to

2. Search for a video you would like to embed into your PowerPoint Presentation.

3. image006

4. Click on Share and then Embed.

5. image007

6. Click on “Use Old Embed Code” and then Copy the Embed Code.

7. image008

8. Go to your PowerPoint Presentation and click on the Insert tab go to the Video icon and click on the drop down arrow, then click on Insert Video from Website.

9. image008

10. Then paste the embed code and click on Insert.

11. image010

12. The video will now be displayed in your PowerPoint slide. Click on the Slide Show tab and select From Current Slide to Preview and Play the Video.

Your Password is Wrong


Here is a quick test. How many passwords do you have? Compare that to, how many web sites you visit require a password? If the numbers do not match, you are using the wrong passwords. The problem with using the same password in multiple sites is that once one site is hacked, you are vulnerable with all the other sites. If you are not too concerned about this issue, I suggest you read the ordeal of Mat Honan.

Fortunately, the solution is easy. You need to have a unique password for each site that requires it, and make each password long (12-16 characters). It is easier to crack “51Tf%09c” than “ThisIsAnExampleOfALongPassword.” Managing many passwords will become a chore, so if you don’t already use one, make the right decision and download a password manager TODAY. Here are a few to get you started:

I use LastPass. It is worth $12 per year. It syncs the passwords across different devices, which is a timesaver. It also memorizes the credit card number (encrypted), so I don’t need my wallet next to me when I am making a purchase online. It even tests the strength of your passwords and tell you to generate new ones if it sees any weak ones.

It does a while to set everything up, but it’s well worth the effort. The alternative is a lot worse, in my opinion!

Back to School Computer Buying Guide


It’s back to school time! It is an exciting time for educators. How you do prepare your students for the best tech gear for the upcoming year? My personal recommendation is to get a decent Windows laptop (yes with Windows 8.1) and an iPhone (plus an iPad if the budget allows). I even recommend getting refurbished equipment from a reputable vendor. I had good luck finding a gem going this route.

For a more detailed review, check out the Wall Street Journal’s The Best Laptops to Buy Now article. No subscription required.