Getting Started with Office Mix

mix ribbonOver the years I have experienced with other presentation tools such as Prezi and SlideRocket, thinking that PowerPoint is becoming more and more irrelevant. It turns out that I think PowerPoint is not dead. It is still the easier to share, and people understand PowerPoint slides better than any other tools I have shared. I used to think that PowerPoint slides kill the actual presentation, but used in a way that makes the slides a secondary component of the actual presentation, it is still a useful tool. So I was a little excited to see Microsoft adding a multimedia tool to PowerPoint.

You can get the Office Mix add-in at Microsoft’s web site. Once you install the addon, it addes a tab to PowerPoint’s ribbon (see above).

One thing now you can do with Mix is that you can record your voice to go along with the slides.  This is useful for us teachers when we are sharing the slides, and we can record our lectures so that they are archived to be viewed later.

There is more to the Mix, such as adding quizzes and interactive content. I will be exploring these as I learn more about the Mix. Stay tuned!


Microsoft Office Mix


Microsoft released an interesting product called Office Mix. I will be exploring this over the next few weeks.