Movie Maker and YouTube Tips

Movie Maker

Movie MakerMovie Maker is simple to use and contains useful features. I highlighted a few here.

  1. Under Home menu, you will see the Title, Caption, Credits buttons. This is where you can add the Title slide (at the beginning of the video) and the Credits slide (where you can wrap up the video).
  2. When you click on the clip you are editing, the Edit menu pops up. This is where you can trim the clips. You can trim the beginning and the end, as well as separate in the middle. You can trim and recombine them as you see fit.
  3. One cool feature that Movie Maker has is the transitional effects. It is under Animations. Just click on one and you will see the effect on screen. There are some fun ones to pick from.



Once you upload a video to YouTube, you will come to this screen. Here are a few things to check.

  1. At the top, you will see the Upload button. You can upload additional videos from there.
  2. You can create the Playlists to combine by topics, say Statistics or a course number. That way the videos will be grouped together and any additional video will show up in the same Playlist.
  3. To make searching for your videos easier for the students, I recommend including the tags. I use my course number.
  4. Including thumbnails will make the videos look more professional, when the students see the list of videos. I have one template that I use so that all my videos have a distinct look in the thumbnail mode.
  5. And once the video is published, you will get a link to your video at the left.

There is more to both Movie Maker and YouTube, but these highlights will get you going right away!

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