Chrome’s Hidden Features


I think which browser(s) to use is a personal choice. I do not know which browser is the “best.”  I use both Google Chrome and occasionally Internet Explorer 11. I like Chrome because it’s customizable, has a boat load of (hidden) features, and it self updates (which is an annoyance to do manually).

Did you know that the address bar in Chrome is called the “omnibox”? It’s not called the address bar because it works as a search box, and it provides a lot of other useful information. Here is a list of features I found useful:

  1. Omnibox as a calculator — just type in basic calculations directly into the omnibox and the answer appears right underneath. It converts between units too.1+1
  2. Search by dragging — If you highlight a word or phrase from a web page and “drag and drop” it into the omnibox, Chrome automatically does the search.
  3. If you accidentally close a tab, you can easily reopen it. Right click on any open tab and choose “Reopen closed tab.” Or use the Control-Shift-T keyboard shortcut.
  4. Do you see the star in the omnibox (far right)? Click on it and you can easily add the current page to your bookmark. Once added, the star will be yellow.
  5. If you have multiple tabs open and want to move to a specific tab quickly, press the Control key and a number 1 through 9. Control+1 goes to the first open tab, Control+2 to the second tab, and so on.
  6. You can use Chrome as a quick image viewer. My favorite image viewer is IrfanView, but if you need a quick view of an image, just drag the file into the Chrome browser window and voilà!

There are many many other features built into Chrome. I suggest you explore (it will be worth your time) at the Chrome Help Center.

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