Snagit Upgraded to Version 12

Snagit 12

My favorite screen-capture tool just got updated. Techsmith’s Snagit does the usual image and video captures, but version 12 now adds the ability to trim the videos. I snagged 🙂 the screenshot of the new editor above using Snagit.

Useful Features

I like Snagit because it is thoughtfully designed. It is extremely easy and intuitive to select exactly what area of the screen or window you want to capture. For example, I do a lot of Excel screen captures. Sometimes I want to focus only in a certain cell or all of Excel’s window.  One nice feature is that if I want an application’s entire window captured, Snagit snaps its capture window to it so that I don’t have to be so precise in making the capture selection window to the exact size. Follow this link to see this in action.

Editing images is also easy. You can add the pointers, arrows, borders, edge effects to the images. The Blur tool comes in handy when you want to share something but not the private information. Video editing is nothing fancy, but now I don’t need to use Movie Maker to trim the beginning and the end of my videos. I can do that within Snagit!

Snagit added Google Drive integration in version 11. I also like this feature. When you install Snagit and if you have Google Drive installed on your computer, it creates a “Techsmith” folder within Google Drive and you can upload your captures directly into that folder without leaving the application. Saves you time.

Last reason why Techsmith products beat the competition is that the company is educator friendly. The tutorials are easy to follow and informative. There are lots of examples where the teachers use Techsmith products to produce amazing lectures. Support is quick to reply. I cannot complain.

For more information on how to use Snagit, the link is:

How teachers can use Snagit in the classroom:


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