Creating Your Own YouTube Instructional Videos

YouTubeAs a teacher, I find YouTube to be an incredibly useful tool. I decided to tape my own lectures so that they are always available for those students who need to review the materials.

It’s really easy to make your own videos and screenshots. Here is the list of tools you need.

  1. Any camcorder and a tripod. The tripod I use is the Sunpak 620-020.
  2. A usb headset. I use the Plantronics Audio 478. Also recommended: Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000.
  3. On Windows, Windows Movie Maker. On the Mac, iMovie.
  4. For capturing a computer screen, Techsmith’s SnagIt.

The software tools above will let you upload directly to YouTube.

One note: by default, YouTube only let you upload videos that are 15 minutes long.  To upload longer videos, follow the steps in the page below.

You will be a videographer in no time!


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